Tangier Flyout

Next month the Ulster Flying Club is setting off on an African adventure to raise funds for FFTA. A single engine Cessna will be flown from Newtownards to Tangier by 12 pilots in 4 crews over 10 days covering 3300miles and stopping in Paris, Biarritz, Lisbon, Tangier, Valencia and Girona. This will be the furthest any club aircraft has flown in its 50 year history and will push both the plane and the pilots to their limits!

Vice-chairman Declan Fogarty, Consultant Anaesthetist says;

“Having seen first- hand the amazing work Food For Thought does in Kenya I felt compelled to do something to help. As vice-chairman of the club I saw an opportunity to set off on the adventure of a lifetime whilst also raising much needed funds to help feed and educate children living in extreme poverty in Africa.”

The guys could really use your support and as just £1.50 feeds 1 child for 1 month every penny donated will make a huge difference.

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